Our Clients

We work closely with a diverse range of companies and organisations - including ASX 200 companies, government organisations and educational content developers - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over Australia. From the beginning to delivery, we centre our clients in all aspects of animated video production, be it coming up with creative concepts through to the look, feel and tone of their high quality animated video. We mesh together with you or potentially your agency if part of a broader strategic marketing campaign and sometimes partner as a white-label animation video provider. Our animation management processes enable us to scale up to meet all types of client requirements. It enables us to deliver top quality work that is cost-efficient and on schedule, every time.

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The Animation Company Sydney

High quality animation video is our standard

Sydney’s The Animation Company creates high-quality, engaging animated videos for business, education and government that are 100% on message, methodically produced and leave audiences wanting more. We produce polished animated content that goes beyond traditional advertising and marketing. As one of Sydney’s premier animation companies, our animated videos communicate a wide range of messages suited for a variety of purposes. Whether you aim to sell, promote, inform or educate, our professionally produced, highly creative videos communicate clearly to your audience.

We're tuned in with tone

Our animated videos can represent anything you wish to express in sight, motion and sound. We know that your high-quality animation should set a tone best representing your company or organisation and your brand values. Centering you in the process, our creative producers precisely craft the right images, words and sound to ensure your audience will draw the right conclusions. It’s why we’ve worked with diverse businesses and top ASX 200 companies like M2 Group, SKILLED Group and WorleyParsons.
The Animation Company employs a meticulous process that handles everything from concept to execution, all folding neatly like a pair of clasped hands. We accurately hone every aspect of animated video production in-house. From pitching ideas or refining the ones you have, our creative producers, scriptwriters and illustrators sculpt your idea into animated form.  We do it without passing on major agency overheads and we produce videos on your schedule. Like handcrafted cogs in a Swiss watch, all the elements of design, script, illustration, movement, sound effects, music and voiceover tick seamlessly together. We produce an animation that not only matches specifications but is 100% exactly what your company or organisation wanted and needed.

Bypass the agencies and get animation straight from the source

The Animation Company isn’t a big Sydney agency with big agency appetites. We are 100% focused on delivering eye-catching, professionally made and appealing animation videos. This means you are dealing with our creative producers directly, giving your animated video the benefit of reduced costs and on-time delivery. From beginning to end, we focus on your needs as a company or organisation. If your company or organisation needs high quality animated video with attention to detail, The Animation Company works in concert with your strategic advertising or communications plan.

Our process equals high quality

Our in-house design team manages the execution of every animation video - concepts, scripts, storyboards, illustration and audio design including voiceover, sound effects and music. In line with long established animation traditions, we then work closely with large animation production studios, managing the movement of our illustrations and audio designs throughout the production timeline. This allows us to harness diverse pools of stylistic talent and the bulk power of 3D render farms. Using these methods we deliver timely and highly cost-efficient results with the ability to scale up or down as per project requirements. Our videos stand out by delivering what you want to say and how you want it said, so the people you’re talking to will be left with an indelible impression.

Set us in motion with your project

If you want to get your communications animated in a polished and professional way, move your mouse pointer or finger and click here to contact us.


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